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We have just celebrated our first birthday here at In the last year we have produced 60 shows and have been downloaded almost 15,000 times! So part of that celebration we are organising  a meetup up for local listeners in London UK and anyone that is interested in personal development/growth.

Make new friends, meet with like minded people and enjoy an evenings discussion on a specially selected personal development topic.

You can find out more information and reserve your place by logging on to

Places are limited! So make sure you snap one up as the event is already filling up!

I really hope to see you there!


PS. Why not bring along a friend as well? But make sure they also sign up at before it’s too late.

One Year On

It’s been a year since the Action Podcast team started working together. Paul and Sam review what they have learnt during their time with Action Podcast over the last year.


What are mentors? How are they different from coaches? How do you get one? What will they do for you?

All these questions and more are answered in this podcast with Chris and Paul.

The Art of Failure

SPECIAL EDITION! Previously unreleased, Paul and Sam have finally decided to share one of the earliest ActionPodcast recordings on a topic close to their hearts! Nearly a year on, it remains really relevant whilst being a ‘blast from the past’ back to our humble beginnings!

Failure almost seems to be another F-word! We’re unlikely to think happy or positive thoughts when we hear it.

A fear of failure can stop us in our tracks, no matter how much we want to do something; and if we’ve already reached a point of failure it can be easy to wish the whole thing never happened. As Paul jokes, sometimes we just want to sweep it under the rug, hoping others haven’t noticed – even trying to convince ourselves that it didn’t occur.

Yet failure can be one of the best teachers if we let it and start thinking about our mistakes as a learning opportunity rather than just a point of pain. Join us in exploring the fabulous art of failure!