Gratitude – it really works!

Just before our most recent podcast, Paul and I spoke together about the power of simply being in the moment. Of literally smelling the roses, coffee and whatever else turns you on. Of just looking around at all the things in our lives that we were thankful for. It stopped me dead in my tracks. Even more so when I tried an exercise he’d done himself to reinforce and connect with gratitude. When he described it to me, I can honestly say I had a moment of epiphany. It seemed so simple, yet so incredibly powerful, so I’d like to share it with you now:

Just take a sheet of A4 paper, and write the word ‘thank you’ over and over again… until a name comes up. Then keep writing again, ‘thank you’ over and over. Until more names come up. Like me, you’ll probably be quite surprised at the names on the list. You may find other words arise, not just names. That’s perfectly okay. Whatever messages you receive from your subconscious are very powerful, so own them all.

Then take some time out to just reflect on all the great things you have in your life. It could be good health, family, your children, a great job, getting fired from a job you loathed, being in a great relationship, or finally leaving a toxic one. Whatever you have to be grateful for, I can guarantee if you take just 5 or 10 minutes each day to remind yourself of all these wonderful people and situations, you’ll feel far more at peace with yourself – and the world around you.

The book Paul mentioned in this podcast is Moon Over Water: Meditation Made Clear, with Techniques for Beginners and Initiates