Archive Monthly Archives: July 2009

Time out

Ever get the feeling that you seem to be putting a lot of effort in but don’t really seem to be getting the results out? Maybe you just need a break, some time out to relax and allow yourself to have some fun. Paul and Gina talk about how being too focused on one thing can actually be counter productive and a simple break can result in some refreshing ideas and results that just pure hard work can cause you to over look.


Do you have a big event coming up? Have you spent more time worrying about it than actually planning for it? Paul and Gina talk about two real life examples where clients have come to them with some major event that was looming up on them. They discuss how to work through the planning process and dealing with the situation if things don’t quite go to plan.

Access your Intuition

Paul and Gina discuss the fine art of accessing and using your intuition. Do you often have a gut feeling to do something, a calling perhaps? Do you follow it through with action, or just ignore it? Using your intuition as a way to finding solutions to current issues can bring greater meaning and clarity to your life. Simply ask yourself: “What do I love?” and you will hear your intuition speak. It’s a simple as that! Your intuition speaks the truth. Follow your intuition, instead of your rational mind, and you’ll be much happier.

Why wait to treat yourself?

Paul talks to Gina about his recent time away relaxing and ponders on why we feel the need to earn the right to treat ourselves. It’s great to celebrate our achievements but getting through each day is often cause enough to treat yourself.