A Look In The Mirror

“It takes one to know one” is a phrase that often gets used by children when name-calling starts! Yet, despite it’s derogatory use as a rejoinder – there is a lot of wisdom present.

Think of someone you really admire, and which character traits of their’s shine through.
Sometimes it is much easier to believe something unpleasant about ourselves, than to acknowledge and accept that those traits we really admire in another person are part of us too.

When we think of each relationship as a mirror for ourselves, there is a lot of worthiness there to love – if/when we accept it. (Likewise, when someone is really annoying us – chances are we are doing that ‘annoying thing’ in some way too!)

Join Sam and Paul as they explore the piece of poetry that inspired both this discussion and a Full Out and Fearless blog post by @CoachCharrise on 22nd April 2009; and discover a quick and simple way to start reflecting the love to yourself that you deserve – no matter how scary that may sound!

Seek that which you love in me
And find it in yourself,
For I am but a mirror for all
Your magic inner wealth.

See me shine and light the way
And choose to do so too,
For shared just like the Olympic torch
You too can burn so true.

Feel me stretch and challenge my bounds
And find your wings to fly,
For deep within your caterpillar heart
You are a glorious butterfly.

Sense my presence and be inspired
And acknowledge your own gifts,
For we each are divine and worthy
Your soul my heart uplifts.

Written by Sam Forsberg, 15th February 2008, For Cameron