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Coping with overload

Feeling overwhelmed

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

We’ve all felt those undeniable feelings: total and utter exhaustion, apathy, emotional shutdown and numbness; no energy, combined with mental and physical meltdown. It ain’t pretty and it sure as hell ain’t fun. Take a sledgehammer to your brain – and then some. Plus the awful dawning realisation that doing it all is, quite frankly, impossible. At which point those gnawing feelings of guilt, futility and uselessness kick in. We attack ourselves for not being able to achieve what we’d set out to do. What a beautiful vicious circle! What total lack of vision and self-care.
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Life’s Rollercoaster Ride

This is the high-energy follow-up to the previous podcast ‘Blindsided by Anger?

Sometimes it feels like we’re swinging from one extreme to the other – one moment careening towards a crash, and a moment later, struggling up the mountain without a clear view of when (or if) we’ll reach the top.

Life can feel like a rollercoaster ride of heady peaks and stomach-churning troughs, and whilst we would all be terribly bored if it was just a flat track to the horizon… wouldn’t it be great if we could learn to balance out those pendulum-swings just a little? Even-it-up a bit so that it flowed more smoothly, and we could actually start to enjoy the ride?

Sam joins Paul on his train-journey of discovery into how we can keep the momentum and motivation flowing when we need it most!

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Over tracking / under tracking and motivation

In coaching we often talk about tracking your progress as you work towards your goals. It’s a vital step to be able to see the progress you have made so that you can:-

  1. Congratulate yourself on real progress that may have gone unnoticed
  2. Make course corrections if needed
  3. Learn from previous attempts to improve

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Blindsided by Anger?

It can be hard enough to talk about or express positive feelings like love and gratitude, let alone harsher or more ‘negative’ feelings like anger, frustration and hurt.

Do you bottle them up? Do you cry them out?
If you’ve ever felt blindsided by strong emotions that you couldn’t express, then there is a good chance they have been lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to jump out when your guard is down.

Paul and Sam talk about how their own frustrations reached boiling points recently, and that in the process of trying to understand what they were feeling, they discovered what was hidden in the causal blind-spots that then allowed them to acknowledge and release their pent-up emotions!

We’ve just had our 5,000th motivational podcast download and are celebrating by giving away 4 free telephone coaching sessions. All you have to do is post a comment on our site (Comment on this post!) before 15 May and you may be the lucky winner. Click here for more details and leave a comment to win. Take that action now!

The secret to discovering your ultimate motivation

It’s so easy for all of us to ‘lose our motivation’ at times. Sometimes this lull lasts for a few days, but typically it lasts for much longer than we want and it starts to become part of us, like a burden we carry. There may have been some trigger to that motivation slipping away — an event, a deemed ‘failure’, or simple (but oh so powerful) fear that stops us from taking action. We start to tell ourselves a story that we are “so unmotivated”, “I just can’t get motivated”, “I can’t seem to find my motivation anymore”. Which of course, does not really inspire you to take positive action.

Fear not, my friend. There is a better strategy to find that motivation, and more precisely, to discover your ultimate motivation.

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Celebrating the 5000th download of our motivational podcasts


We are very excited to announce that today, Friday 17 April 2009, Action Podcast enjoyed its 5000th download!

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Family coaching with expert Alan Wilson

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with your children? Do you spend more time trying to control and discipline than talking with and listening to them? If you are feeling disempowered as a parent, then this podcast may well be the answer to your prayers! Gina talks to family coach pioneer, Alan Wilson, founder of Develop Your Child, about effective ways to engage with and listen to your children, leading to a deeper emotional connection and a more fulfilling and supportive family dynamic.

For further information on family coaching and resources available visit Alan’s website at:

Dealing with negative people

Once again from recent experiences with Twitter Paul finds himself discussing them on the Podcast. This time Paul and Gina cover dealing with negative people without having your head in the clouds, or sand for that matter!

Happiness is…


MOST OF US know that happiness really does come from within – not without. Our acquisitive culture has made us only too aware of the transient nature of short-term, external fixes. Like a Chinese meal, we’re all too often left hungry after feasting at the table of consumerism!

And certainly no one else can make us happy. What a massive and unrealistic responsibility to place upon another human being. Not to mention totally unrealistic.

Nope, we have to get the happiness pill all by ourselves…
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Can You Help Me?

Asking for help seems to be one of those dying arts.
Something we’ve lost touch with the ability to do.
We feel uncomfortable and vulnerable;
and like we’ve failed or can’t handle the pressure.
But when it’s offered, we’re suspicious of the motive.

Whilst the perfectionist or overachiever in us cringes at the thought of requesting assistance and sharing the load, our controlling aspects can feel desperate and frustrated, and this seems to add to our stress and uncertainty.

Yet receiving help can be both a miracle and a gift – helping us to make progress and overcome challenges, whilst empowering the giver-of-help with a sense of achievement and purpose. They say two heads are better than one, so Gina & Sam put theirs’ together to explore just why asking for help is so hard, and how we can take small steps towards fruitful collaboration.