Wishing I Was Elsewhere…

How often do you wish you were elsewhere?
What does elsewhere mean to you? Look like? Smell like? Feel like? Sound like? Include? Exclude?

Borders Bookstore in Charing Cross Road London once ran a writing competition – accepting entries in any format on the theme of ‘Elsewhere’. Since poetry is one of my preferred creative outlets, I decided to have a bit of fun with it, which resulted (fairly quickly & tongue-in-cheek) in:

Elsewhere, is wherever
My mind chooses to be –
In a place, in a thought
Or caught up in a dream.
Elsewhere, is everywhere
And nowhere at once –
All around us, inside us,
Of us, or simply not.
Elsewhere, is anything
Limited only by fear –
It can be wonderful, magical,
Or scary and unseen.
Elsewhere, is nothing
Except where we are not –
It’s not here, so is it there?
But when we look, it is not.

SJSF, 19/5/02

Part of life’s plethora of paradox is that when we are wishing we are elsewhere, we are not really ‘present’ where we are… and when we journey to elsewhere, we end up right where we actually are.
What are you missing, when your focus is elsewhere? What could you notice about right here and now, that would change your view, your perspectives and your horizon?