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5 reasons why I bother going to the gym

I was up early this morning at 6am. I say early but this is now my normal time to get up during the week. I decided a while back and have mentioned on some of our podcasts, to make time for the gym, I decided to get up and hour earlier.

I have done this before and wanted to start doing it again. This morning however, I was really struggling to get dressed, ready and out the door. I was really close to saying to myself that it was OK and that I could go later. That’s when it hit me…. Continue reading

Addicted to struggle

Do you find that life is just too hard? Maybe you are actually making it harder for yourself! During this episode Paul and Gina talk about dealing with being addicted to the struggle.

Daily Action

As a life coach you have to walk your talk and in this episode Paul and Sam talk about examples of what can happen if you do put in a little effort each and every day.

St Valentine’s: What’s love got to do with it?

What’s love got to do with it?

Hurrah for the Patron Saint of Love – St Valentine! The official day for lovers everywhere! Book that table, buy that card – tell her you love her…

There’s a scene in the seminal Seventies movie, Love Story, where the leads – doomed lovers Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal – share a poignant exchange on her deathbed, where she utters the immortal line: “Love… means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Continue reading

Self Talk

What is your self talk telling you? Is it positive or negative, is it being supportive and motivational just like you would be when speaking to a 5 year old, or is it telling you what failure you are before you’ve even tried?

A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most normal every day events, as well as the unusual – like the recent snowfall here in the UK!

Paul and Sam talk about how this helps them look at things from a new perspective, sharing tips and tricks on how you can bring this resourcefulness into your daily life.

Road map for Life

Where’s your road map?
Whether you’re a SATNAV fan, or you prefer an A-Z, access to a road map is essential for exploring new territory – and reaching your desired destination. Most of us need one or the other to guide us when driving to a new place, since our intuitive faculties are rarely that honed they can get us from A to B through sheer guesswork. Continue reading

Are you addicted to struggle?

Give up the fight!
Ever find yourself taking the longest, most arduous, most emotionally, mentally and physically taxing route to where you’re trying to reach? Stressing and stressing, adrenals on full alert, till you reach your goal – exhausted, yet victorious! Are you addicted to the ‘hurts so good’ syndrome? Are you addicted to struggle? Continue reading

Dealing with disagreements

Sometimes people just rub you up the wrong way. Other times through mis-communication people can get upset. Paul and Sam talk about examples of when this happens and the reasons behind them. More importantly they have some great tips and tricks to get you through these hard times.