Resolutions – Why Bother?!

Have New Year’s Resolutions simply become token attempts at setting goals? Do we really take them seriously anymore, or are we simply punishing ourselves when year after year, we’re faced with clichéd Resolutions that seem to keep coming back up?

It is one thing to actively explore, set & commit to things that you would like to be, do or have during the next twelve months (even tweaking them as you go along), and another entirely to rely on only one day of the year (usually the day following a very hard night!) to kick-start your focus on what you want to achieve in the next 12 months.

If you are someone who achieves the Resolutions you set – then I’d really like to acknowledge you! For those of us who find our Resolutions becoming pipedreams, or those of us who’ve given up on setting them at all (it saves disappointment!), perhaps a slight shift in focus would help shore up our successes in the next year…


Was this year what you expected/wanted/hoped it would be?

Being very specific with your intentions for the New Year, having a way to measure them, making sure they are appealing to you whilst being realistic, setting a deadline for them, breaking them into small chunks AND writing them down, may get you further with your Resolutions than spontaneous outbursts or tipsy boasts; and wouldn’t it be even better if you knew you were starting off on your 2009 plans from really solid footing?

With or without set goals, life doesn’t often show up in the way we expect it to. You may not have achieved the things you thought you would this year, or you may have wanted it to be looking different than it is, yet I’d be willing to bet that you’ve had a lot more success than you can list out at first!

What problems did you solve this year? What changes have you made? Which areas of your life have improved? Which challenges that had you stumped were overcome or worked around? If you feel like something is not great – in what ways was it worse last year? What have you learnt? What do you know you want to do better?

By asking ourselves some of these questions, we can begin to see that actually this last year has been pretty remarkable in its own ways! And if there are areas that you are really unhappy with – ask yourself whether you’d set strong intentions for them at the start of this year, or whether your focus was elsewhere?

By allowing ourselves to acknowledge what we have really achieved this year, we find positive proof that we can and have succeeded in some areas and ways. Starting the New Year after celebrating our successes (however small or large), really adds a boost of motivation and energy to the areas we want to focus on this year.

Still feeling like you didn’t achieve anything at all? Then maybe 2008 was the year to prepare you for the life-changing decision that you want 2009 to be a completely new and different experience for you!