Bah Humbug

Feeling a bit fed up with Christmas already? Does festive cheer seem to pass you by each year? For a lot of people this time of year is filled with nothing but bad memories of a time gone by.

Having this kind of past experience can really put a downer on your mood and even worse, start to bring down the loved ones around you.

Now is the chance you have been waiting for to start having the Christmas and New Year celebrations you may feel you’ve been missing out on.

Start thinking about all the things you can do at this festive time of year that you wouldn’t normally set time aside for.

For example, here in London we have a lot of shows to see all year round. So a couple of years ago I treated my partner to an evening at the ballet. It was something we had never enjoyed together before, but it was a wonderful experience and such a pleasure to watch. Now each year we start looking at the shows that are on and get excited about booking up our festive tradition.

Now, we have something festive to look forward to that we both love and can share together.

So think about what you could do that you’d enjoy. Something that could become part of a festive tradition for your nearest and dearest.